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Today, I’m going to share my second post of the “Words Of Appreciation” series. As mentioned in my first post, in this series I will be showcasing all the candid testimonials I have received for my work by my fellow crafters. I have been compiling these testimonials since I first started my journey in crafting , which was waaaay back in 2012. I am truly in debt to all the people in this list as their kind and encouraging words have pushed me to better myself each time I sit down to create something new. I’m linking their names to their Facebook profiles so you can check out their work as well.


Also, I’ve picked up these words directly FB chats, comments and WhatsApp messages as I feel that candid testimonials are the best. Few of them are by  fellow crafters who don’t use English as their native speaking language. So please, ignore the typos and the messaging lingo, and try to read between the lines. Thanks!


Darshana Krishnadas Says: 

Darshana-Krishnadas - Copy - Copy


Darshna Savla says: 



Dr. Jaya says:



Erin Stewart says: 



An anonymous crafter says:



Gopi Shah says: 



Darshna Savla says: 



Kavita Dosi says;



Khushboo Banka says: 



An  anonymous crafter Says:



Debani Gosh says: 



Lynda Hasting says:

Lynda-Hastings - Copy - Copy


Reena Dhairyawaan says: 

Reena-Dhairyawaan - Copy - Copy


Ritu Gera says: 

Ritu-Gera - Copy - Copy


Rupali Goyal says: 

Rupali-Goyal - Copy - Copy


If you’ve given a testimonial about my work and are not able to see you name on this list, don’t worry. I have over 100 testimonials that have been given by people and I will be featuring each of them in series of blog posts titled – “Words Of Appreciation.” So you can check out the post I’ve published already. Here it is:

Words Of Appreciation: Part 1


As always, thanks for visiting my website and…

Happy Crafting!


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  • Again, beautiful words by fellow crafters. I remember the initial few times that I came across your cards and mixed media projects, etc, I could not believe they were handmade/hand-coloured. They looked so stylish, yet so clean and crisp and I had a hard time taking my eyes off of them.

  • Karthikha says:

    Lovely testimonials, especially the one by Gopi Shah! Her enthusiasm to attend your workshop and your kind gesture, hats off to both you ladies!

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