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First of all, let me tell you all that today I’m going to be publishing a series of five posts titled ‘Words of Appreciation’ and these are all a part of my giveaway!


Which means that a lucky person’s comment on any of these posts will give him/her a chance of winning a surprise gift worth Rs. 3,000 from me! 

I personally think we all love being appreciated, be it by our family, by our friends or by our fellow crafters. Though I craft because I love crafting… I craft because my passion is also my bread and butter… I also craft for my own satisfaction. But simple words of appreciation are nothing less than a bonus to me. Appreciation goes a long way. For me, it builds my confidence that I am good at doing something and makes me want to do it more. I really get motivated and encouraged. And I’m sure we all like to feel appreciated and get that “pat on the back.”

Today, it gives me immense pleasure in sharing with you all a few candid testimonials that people have given about my work. These humble words of appreciation have been said by my fellow crafters (some of them also happen to be my students) and by my favourite craft suppliers. I have been compiling them since I first started my journey in crafting , which was waaaay back in 2012. I am truly in debt to all the people in this list as their kind and encouraging words have pushed me to better myself each time I sit down to create something new. I’m linking their names to their Facebook profiles so you can check out their work as well.

Also, I’ve picked up these words directly FB chats, comments and WhatsApp messages as I feel that candid testimonials are the best. Few of them are by fellow crafters who don’t use English as their native speaking language. So please, ignore the typos and the messaging lingo, and try to read between the lines. Thanks!


Aastha Jain says: 



Abha Jain says : 



Anjali Rughani says: 



An anonymous crafter says:Anonymous3


Caron LooseMarbles Hirst says:

Caron-LooseMarbles - Copy


Bhairavi Gujarathi says: 



Anang A Agarwala says: 



Archana Komary Jhawar sayArchana-komary-Jhawar


Anusha Vamsee says:


An anonymous crafter says:



An anonymous crafter says:



Deepti Garg says: 


Sathya Kala Sankaran says: 

Sathya-Kala-Sankaran - Copy


Shalini Devi says:

Shalini-devi - Copy


Shikha Sharma says: 



If you’ve given a testimonial about my work and are not able to see you name on this list, don’t worry. I have over 100 testimonials that have been given by people and I will be featuring each of them in series of blog posts titled – “Words Of Appreciation.” So stay tuned and check out my blog for more!


As always, thanks for for visiting my website and…

Happy Crafting!


Feature image source: imperssivemagazine.com


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  • […] going to share my second post of the “Words Of Appreciation” series. As mentioned in my first post, in this series I will be showcasing all the candid testimonials I have received for my work by my […]

  • Dorabel Mercado says:

    Well i’m amazed about so much beautiful work of art. Defenitly you are a gifted woman. Had found you just a short time, hoping to follow you and learn with you. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Annu pal says:

    Hi rajni aunty love your work sooo much everyday i see your work it gives me more inspiration to get this art more further.And need to talk about your personality is out of this world i started talking to you through whattsapp and asked about some querries and u just helped me without giving a second thought u r just awesome rajni ji.I just wish u just keep creating more and more and keep encouraging all the crafters and crafting world. Last but not the least i just want to meet u one time in my lifetime and want to spend my day with you and want to feel ur creativity live. God bless u always aunty. Luv u.

  • Vinita Jain says:

    You are a treasure Rajni Ji! I just started following u but a FB follower for past few months. Your art of work brings life to every creation!!! The articles are so inspirational and motivated for each crafter. And we must appreciate each other crafter, it boosts the morale of every crafter to do much better!!!

  • Inspiring and unique are words I see here so often, Rajni. They are the true description of your amazing creations. It is so heartwarming to read that we feel the same way about your work all around the world. I am looking forward to spending more time on your site and perusing your posts. Thank you for sharing your talents with us!!

  • Maria Calderone says:

    Rajni, your creations are beautiful works of art, I was inspired by your work immediately. I agree, it’s always nice to know your work is appreciated as we put our hearts into every piece we create. I’ll be looking forward to your next piece, as I know that too will inspire me. xx

  • K.sushma says:

    Rajani aunty I love ur work it’s speechless with such a detailed cutting stamping distressing flower making what not to mention I love every craftology ideas from ur inventions I have talk to u twice but it feels like I know u from before.we r so belessed to have such a best crafter from India

  • Indeed words of appreciation are a morale booster and inspire you to do more. I don’t know you personally, but after reading these testimonials I’m sure that you must be a beautiful person to touch so many lives – both knowingly and unknowingly, and selflessly teaching the art of crafting. The whole experience of learning becomes enjoyable if your teacher is a passionate person (in this case, a passionate crafter) :). And the beautiful projects that you create only prove time and again how very talented and gifted you are.

  • Akshma says:

    A much deserved person for all such appreciation.We are really proud and blessed to have such a crafter in India.You are a true inspiration for all.Love love all your works ,intricate designs and patience behind all such wonderful works.Hats off to you aunty.

  • Karthikha says:

    Wow! It’s so good to read testimonials and I love the way you have preserved them for so many years 🙂 That’s really motivating and a feel-good factor while crafting! Your works are awesome mam! I got to know recently but totally fell in love!

  • sudhachary says:

    wow how great u r to appreciate the appreciation also , god bless u a lot to be generous to us, and make us to write up so many appreciation to u

  • Cheryl G says:

    I’d agree with every one of these! I’ve followed you on Instagram for quite a while- love your work:)

  • Suman Pandit says:

    Not only your skill and knowledge about your craft is impressive,what I love most is your enthusiasm and excitement about your craft which is so infectious 🙂 best wishes always !!!

  • shanthi sudha says:

    wow…. many people are pouring love on you.., because they know the value and hardwork of yours behind it….i love admiring your work… i always wonder how u did that flowers, chose those color combinations…put those all together beautifully,..in a neat way…

  • archana thani says:

    have tired to be part of your workshops but couldn’t, guess the time has not come yet …but will surely attend your workshops soon. I have been doing handworks for long but your works has really thought me so much. So much into perfection, dedication and hardwork.
    thank you so much for being there and guiding all of us 🙂

  • Madhvi Shah says:

    U paved a way. U showed that age is no barrier to be able to make a difference. Ur art is a feast to the eye. Go going

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