Good Evening Friends…
There is always something very special creating handmade projects for friends and family with handmade flowers. Be it a paper or foam, it has always given me happiness and joy. I can honestly say that creating flowers always take me to some other world of happiness where I can spend hours and hours of my time. Today is my debut post for 14 Craft Bar as a designer, I am so excited but feeling bad on another side as I m facing a lot of health issues past couple of days. I was not able to finish the project which I decided to create for today’s post so just sharing a flower bouquet using silk foam that I was able to finish, sitting on the bed. Hope you like it.
I have used an old candle stand as a prop to display my flower bouquet. The flowers are all hand cut and no dies are used.

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I'm just another crafter who's passionately curious about her work. :-)

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