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Today, I’m going to share my fourth post of the “Words Of Appreciation” series. As mentioned in my first post, in this series I will be showcasing all the candid testimonials I have received for my work by my fellow crafters. I have been compiling these testimonials since I first started my journey in crafting , which was waaaay back in 2012. I am truly in debt to all the people in this list as their kind and encouraging words have pushed me to better myself each time I sit down to create something new. I’m linking their names to their Facebook profiles so you can check out their work as well.

Also, I’ve picked up these words directly FB chats, comments and WhatsApp messages as I feel that candid testimonials are the best. Few of them are by fellow crafters who don’t use English as their native speaking language. So please, ignore the typos and the messaging lingo, and try to read between the lines. Thanks!


Smitha Jacob says: 



Vandana Nayak says: 



An anonymous crafter says:



Bhairavi Gujarathi says: 



Divya Kedia Pruthi says: 



Silvi Dua says:



Manjit Kaur says : 



Guna Priyanka says: 



Shweta Jartarghar says : 



Shravika Surana says: 



Shelna Rajan says: 



Sakshi Aggarwal says: 



Ravina Shah says : 



Pritu Jain says: 



Neha Sanwalka says: 



Mitali Shah says : 



Manju Bezawada says:



If you’ve given a testimonial about my work and are not able to see you name on this list, don’t worry. I have over 100 testimonials that have been given by people and I will be featuring each of them in series of blog posts titled – “Words Of Appreciation.” So you can check out the posts I’ve published already. Here they are:

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Words Of Appreciation: Part 2

Words Of Appreciation: Part 3


Words Of Appreciation: Part 4

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  • The last part of the testimonial journey. I can’t even imagine how warm and happy you must feel being appreciated and loved by so many people, not just all over India but internationally as well. You should have like a wall of appreciation (if not already) with these testimonials framed, at your home. I hope you achieve even greater success in the years to come. And since I’m a fairly new crafter, through these posts, I know a little bit more about you now :). Looking forward to attending one of your workshops in Mumbai soon!

  • Oh and you don’t need to post this comment and I hope I’m not overstepping my bounds, but I noticed that the testimonial by Ravina Shah mentioned here has already been covered in one of the previous 4 parts :)… Just thought you should know.

  • Karthikha says:

    Feeling so good after reading all those wonderful words! And please let us know the next workshops, so that I’ll plan well ahead 🙂

  • shweta aggarwal says:

    awesome website as your work mam.. loved it…

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