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This is my very first and most awaited post all about the Crystal Clear and Frosting Powders here that I recently launched with the help of Aastha, (Owner at Papericious), my Canadian friend Karan Gerber, and off course Emma Lou, the Creative director at Heartfelt Creations. Sorry for keeping you waiting for so long. My hand folds thanks to all the three for supporting me to take the right decision for launching my powders.and BIG BIG THANKS to all my co-design team members who gave me positive reviews about my product. Because you all gave me hopes and gave me strength…because you always supported me and blessed me with all your good wishes. I am grateful to each n every person who helped me to take a new move in my craft journey. I never thought I will reach here in such a short time. Life has transformed me from a crafter to a product developer already. I am happy that I am able to make the easy availability of these powders all across the globe via Papericious, Karan and Heartfelt Creations, for all my fellow crafters. Also, I am able to reply to all queries that I use to get regarding what all I use to beautify my flowers and backgrounds.

In today’s post, I will be compiling many things about the usage and the application of these powders. I have been using these powders past one year and came across various techniques about the same. Hope this post of mine is helpful to you all !! Mind it…This is a lengthy and a picture heavy post. Grab a cup of coffee and keep scrolling with patience to unfold the awesomeness of these powders.

A little introduction to Crystal Clear and Frosting Powder…

Crystal Clear: As the name says it all…Crystal Clear is a transparent glitter. These are packed in reusable acrylic spill proof jars with broad opening contain 25 gms of clear glitter. The glitter can be used with any glue that dries clear. The fine sparkly granules of Crystal Clear adds an extra and shimmer to all type of handmade paper flowers, Sospesso flowers, Card-making backgrounds, Mix- -Media Projects, Jewellery Making, and the variety of other craft projects. The clarity of glitter doesn’t suppress the colors already used. No heat setting is required.

Frosting Powder; These are packed beautifully in reusable acrylic, spill proof jars with broad opening and contains 25 gms frosting powder which can be easily used with any glue that dries clear. It adds fine shimmery textures when heated with the heat gun. The more you heat, the more it turns white and adds frosty looks to all handmade flowers, Sospesso flowers, Card- making backgrounds Mix -Media projects, Jewellery Making, and the variety of other craft projects. It’s simply PERFECT to give all type of snowy effects on winter projects.

What all glues we can use to adhere Crystal Clear and Frosting Powder ??

Any glue that dries clear can be used to adhere these powders. Like: Designer Dries Clear Adhesive, Distress Rock Candy Clear Crackle ( a thin layer of clear crackle here works as a glue), Glossy Accent, Studio Multi Medium Matt etc. These can simply be applied using a flat brush or can also be dabbed with a sponge. Multimedium Matt and Designer Dries Clear Adhesive might look foggy when wet, but dries clear once dried. You can try whichever way you are comfortable with and whatever you have in your stash.

Did you ever think of using wet gesso, wet texture pastes, wet acrylic colors or any wet gel mediums to adhere your glitters?  Since all these mediums go permanent when dried I use them to stick these powders too. Awww…I love using my powders with these mix media mediums as well. The effects are mind blowing!! The post I m sharing today has lots of samples to show. I m sure you’ll love each n every technique I used as you scroll down the page.

My favorite glue especially while using on my paper flowers is Distress Rock Candy Clear Crackle. A thin layer of clear crackle, when applied with a brush and sprinkled with powders, will hold the powders perfectly well and will also make the flowers sturdy. When I sprinkle the powders on crackle, I sometimes especially miss adding sparkle to few areas where crackle adds extra less sparkly textures when it dries that looks really awesome in reality. 


How I use Crystal Clear and Frosting Powder on Paper Flowers ??

Simply brush the petals of a finished flower with Clear Crackle and sprinkle Crystal Clear. Dust extras and leave it to dry. If impatient like me, you can use a heat gun to dry as well and it won’t affect the transparency of Crystal Clear. But it’s not necessary. For Frosting Powder, brush the flower with Clear Crackle and sprinkle Frosting Powder. Heat a little. The more you heat, the more frosty it becomes. Here are few samples showing my sparkled and frosty flowers.  

 ** Few samples showing Crystal Clear used on flowers….



Botanic Orchid_18th June_With WM (2)

Frosty Looking Flowers using Frosting Powder 

Note: Too much of frosting powder might hide the beauty of the whole flower. Try adding little by little. I sometimes add Crystal Clear first…dust it and then sprinkle Frosting Powder. This way I m able to hold the clarity of colors used on the flowers. Also instead of pouring the whole bottle on the flower, I prefer adding it little by little with a small spoon. 


Frosted and sparkled berries that I created using Styrofoam buds. Aren’t these YUMMMMYYYY!!






Look at those Mums….Sometimes a very little sparkle of Crystal Clear is enough to hold the beauty of your handmade flowers. The sparkly frosted leaves are enough to enhance the whole beauty.



In Poppies I have also used mIcro beads for creating textures. I will be soon making a separate post about the complete tutorial for the same.



  How I use Crystal Clear and Frosting Powder while working on Mix Media Backgrounds: 

Aww….this is what I really enjoy the most. I have been playing with lots n lots of techniques with Crystal Clear and Frosting Powder in my mix media projects past one year. Not only I use I use them to make mix media layouts, I also use them for my cards. I adhere these powders while the mediums are still wet. Wet gesso, any acrylic paint when wet, or any gel medium when wet, will make the powders stick. Here I am sharing few pictures of my projects where I used different mediums to stick these powders. You can choose the powders according to the need of the concept which you are working on.

 ** Few samples showing Frosty shimmery backgrounds….

I created this card last year for Heartfelt Creations using their Christmas Collections. Check the close ups to see how I created frosty looking snow inn this card using Frosting Powder.


Look at the following Picture…

How beautifully the main Christmas elements are highlighting on frosty trees and sparkly frosty background.


Here in this picture, you see distressed frosty edges. I simply first distressed the edges with distressing tool and then applied white gesso. When the gesso was wet, I sprinkled Frosting Powder and heat set. The more you heat the more it turns frosty. It really adds beautiful frosty textures to your projects. On trees, I used Studio Multimedium Matt. I sprinkled both the powders randomly. Heated a little and got such beautiful sparkle. The reason I added both the powders is because… too much of frost will hide the colors of the trees.


For this card…Check the full post Here


Another one….Check the complete post Here

  • 13451187_10208418863525872_284413093_n


More snow and more frost!!!  Isn’t it Amazing!!

Check the complete post here….



Look at the frosted background in this card. This was one of my hit project in CHA 20,17.



** Create Frosty chipboard using your die cuts…Check the full post here. 

Stack 3-4 die cuts together with any glue that dries clear, color them using distress inks or acrylic paints, Brush them with dry clear glue and sprinkle Frosting Powder. Heat it as per your requirement and you are done with your die cut chipboards. also, you can use the same technique of frosting powder on ready wooden chipboards. Here is the picture of what I created in my Live Video Here.  PS: I am so sorry, I was so nervous in my Live Video. Please ignore my faults.


The snowflake embellishment is created using die cuts from Heartfelt Creation’s Snow Kissed Collection.  I have used Crystal Clear on half of the snowflake and Frosting Powder on rest half. Hope you are able to make out the difference. The wooden chipboard used is from Papericious. First, paint it with gesso, and then spray 2 mists of your choice. Heat set between the layers and add frosting Powder. Heat it a little again to see the magic of Frosting Powder.

Here are few more samples where I have stacked dies and customized embellishments for my projects.

Botanic Orchid_18th June_With WM (7)

Look at that Heart embellishment that I created by sticking 3-4 die cuts together, one on each other and then added shimmer using Crystal Clear. 


Now this one is also using Crystal Clear. Check the complete project Here.


** Use of Frosting Powder and Crystal Clear on Wooden Chipboards: 

I love using my powders on wooden chipboards. Gesso them first and add colors and then apply multi medium to adhere the powders. Again I choose among both the powders depending upon the demand of my project. I have used Frosting Powder here on Dusty Attic chipboards.




Frosted window and frosted background again!! You can check for the full post here.



** Look how I have used Frosting Powder to beautify metal embellishment on my project. 


Gorgeous Frosting Powder on flowers, background and metal charms….How amazing it looks.


** Frosting Powder when used on wet Gesso….

Check the complete post here...



** Frosting powder when used on wet texture paste when applied with stencils….

Check the complete post Here.

2nd April_Watermarked (1 of 4)


** Frosted shaker window and shaker element

Did you noticed…?? I used Crystal Clear in the frosted shaker window as a shaker element too. Possibilities are endless with these powders.


** Create Frosty embellishments for your cards using your stamps and simple fussy cutting.

One of my recent card with JoyCraft Stamps n dies where I stamped and painted the butterfly, fussy cut it and then used FrostIng Powder.



** I have been using Crystal clear for highlighting the frames of my projects too. For this, I use Glossy accent as a glue. 




Sunrise_Lilly_With WM (6)


** I created completely jeweled backgrounds for my Altenew cards. 





** You can customize the color of  Crystal Clear and Frosting Powder as per the demand of your project…

Yes…You heard me right!!

You can also paint Crystal Clear and Frosting Powder yourself by simply adding Alcohol inks. The more you add the color, the more vibrant is the color of powder. Take a spoon of Crystal Clear/ Frosting Powder in a small container and add 2-3 drops of alcohol inks. Stir it with wooden ice cream stick.or tooth Prick. Leave it open for half an hour and your own colored glitters and Frost is ready for use. Isn’t it great?  I promise, you will love the shades and sparkles it gives after coloring. Here are few shades that I tried making and also used them in my projects.


I have few samples to show. The pink Dogwoods have pink crystal Clear and green Dogwoods have green sparkle. another BIG hit project at CHA,2017. Check the complete post Here and Here.




And here is my favorite shade of Crystal Clear that I created. for the frame of this card. You can easily differentiate between the clear and colored Crystal Clear. I love using my Crystal Clear on the frames of my shaker windows. Here I prefer using Glossy Accent to adhere the glitters.



** And Yes…You can color the Frosting Powder too.

The technique is the same as Crystal Clear. I have yet not tried many colors in coloring Frosting Powder…But I m sure the results will be mind-blowing. 



I don’t know if you are able to see the yellow frost on yellow roses and Yellow frosted background on this card of mine. But I know…it looks awesome when seen in real.I don’t know if you are able to see the yellow frost on yellow roses and Yellow frosted background on this card of mine. But I know…it looks awesome when seen in real. I have also created a yellow frosted chipboard using Raindrops and roses die. You can check the complete post Here.

**This video by Class Act, Inc. showing difference between Crystal Clear and Frosting Powder Might help you little more to work with these powders. 

** You can also refer to Emma’s Live Video about the usage of these powders Here

Thank you so very much for taking out your time scrolling down this long post. Hope this post of mine will be helpful to you all in using these powders. I have been working with them for the past one year. Not even a single project has been finished without using them. Many trials failed and many gave me fruitful results. My sleepless nights, torn papers and half done projects working on these powders are all worth it!  It is not a process of searching and developing a new idea in few days or a month… but it’s a process of working for one whole year!  I have shared my whole hard work and experience of complete one year in this one single post of mine. Lots of hard work and hard time has gone into the thought process of not only taking out good quality made in India products and spreading them WORLDWIDE!  It was really very tough for me to take the decision of developing this product.

A gentle request to all the manufacturers and designers here… If anyway my powders or my projects inspire you to take out something like the same, please do give due credit to the original creator… I will highly appreciate and respect your efforts. THANKS 🙂  Give respect to other’s hard work and get the same respect back!! Hope that makes sense.  

There are many more techniques I have stumbled down during the last year of my craft journey. I will surely try to share the techniques, one by one to inspire you. Do leave a comment if you still have a query regarding the same. You can also mail me at rajnichwla69@gmail.com.




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